The City Point Neighborhood Association held its regular monthly meeting Tuesday evening. Topics included neighborhood updates, a triathlon presentation, and a report from Boston Police Station C-6, including an introduction of newly appointed District Capt. Joe Boyle.

One key topic at the CPNA meeting concerned the proposed Grand Prix Boston races over this coming Labor Day weekend. Objections to this event were presented to the CPNA by Larry Bishoff of the Coalition Against IndyCar Boston, a volunteer group with pro bono legal counsel, which was formed to oppose the event.

Terms such as “IndyCar” and Grand Prix have been used frequently to describe this proposed event, but officially it’s entitled “Grand Prix Boston.” That should probably be changed to “Grand Prix South Boston,” since every nut, bolt, skid mark and metal shaving will be on South Boston turf, specifically over a 2.2 mile course on our Waterfront. So South Boston Online will do just that.

CAIB’s objections to Grand Prix South Boston can be summarized in a series of bullet points:

• There’ll be a long period of disruptive construction. CAIB claims it will extend over four months beforehand, followed by six weeks of dismantling. Given the absence of necessary permits, it appears that time has already run out on the 2016 Grand Prix South Boston.

• Truck transportation will be severely disrupted, at least over the times just before, during and after Labor Day – especially trucks headed for Conley Terminal. Rerouting them onto E Street was proposed.

• Some ramps (TBD) along the Waterfront and leading to major routes will be closed for various periods. Summer Street/Congress Street access will be partially restricted as well, likely affecting the other seaport gateway routes such as A Street.

• Double barriers will channel pedestrian traffic (and potentially, bike traffic) into narrow corridors, both to protect the public from Grand Prix accidents and to prevent crowds of unticketed spectators. “Ugly” and “inconvenient” are words that accurately describe these barriers.

• Certain residents won’t be able to drive their cars out of and back into parking garages during Labor Day weekend. Access for emergencies is an open, unanswered question as well.

• Since the Convention Center expansion was deferred, the toxic PCB waste areas around Cypher Street still remain. Roadwork over these still lacks the EPA go-ahead; no permit application has been filed.

• Despite claims on “no cost to the taxpayer,” certain amounts of road repair money have been “brought forward” into 2016 to make road repairs and changes.

South Boston Online will keep you posted on further Grand Prix South Boston details as they arise.

Larry Bishoff, representing the Coalition Against IndyCar Boston, makes a point at Tuesday’s City Point Neighborhood Association meeting.

Larry Bishoff, representing the Coalition Against IndyCar Boston, makes a point at Tuesday’s City Point Neighborhood Association meeting.