A new logo for Roza Lyons has been placed on the signage at 709 East Broadway. It’s punctuated with a line drawing combining a white rose with a lion en passant sinistre. The white rose could symbolize the English House of York, except that “Roza” is the Polish spelling of “rose.” And even though lions are symbols of the English monarchy, Lyon is the name a major city located on the Rhone River in France. Go figure.

Roza Lyons is where the Urban Art Bar used to be (it’s now in Brookline). Roza Lyons will be a new restaurant and bar. Its website, which is still limited in details, describes Roza Lyons as “a great restaurant and bar featuring an excellent selection of craft beer & wines & cocktails, healthy sandwiches & salads, and farm-fresh sharable plates.” A sign in its window says it will be “Opening April 2016.” Welcome to South Boston.

The small kitchen and seating area will certainly create a place for good conversation with an intimate feel , especially compared to the ginormous establishments already opened (and still opening) along West Broadway.

Perhaps Roza Lyons will combine the best qualities of a bistro and a trattoria. Let’s hope. (Please be sure the coffee Roza Lyons serves is truly memorable.)

–Rick Winterson