17 08, 2017

Broadway – Both Old and New, Both East and West

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   “Oh, East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet …” The Ballad of the East and West" Rudyard Kipling, 1889   by Rick Winterson      First, a bit of local history:  Way back, Broadway was split into West and East Broadway at Perkins Square; the two east-west segments were (and still are) each about a mile long.  Over the years, West Broadway came to be known as “Big Broadway” because it was a much more popular place to go.  East Broadway, even though it had its own movie theater and a bowling alley, was called “Little Broadway”. Times changed, as they always do, and the attractions along “Big Broadway” began shrinking.  For many reasons, East Broadway became the [...]

13 10, 2016

Nurture Is 15

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"Nurture Salon and Spa, which is located in the heart of South Boston at 127 L Street, celebrated its (very) Happy 15th Birthday last Thursday evening. Nurture’s Proprietor and Lead Stylist Susan Devlin (shown above) is not only an artiste in what she does, she’s also a successful businesswoman. The sur- roundings inside Nurture, the party refreshments, and of course, Susan’s white-on-white 15th birthday cake were nothing short of elegant. The attendees, who included Jim Collins and Distillery art photographer P.T. Sullivan, ha rget others, either – Nurture’s 15th Birthday Party was also a fundraiser in support of Cystic Fibrosis research and treatment."

15 09, 2016

South Boston Development Update: PART TWO

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In South Boston Online’s last issue, we presented PART ONE of an update on major developments in South Boston. That focused on the Waterfront, from Fort Point, where GE is locating their corporate headquarters, to the proposed power plant site development at the eastern end of Summer Street on the Reserved Channel. Now, let’s journey to Perkins Square, then down Dorchester Street, to the Andrew Square/South Bay neighborhoods. by Rick Winterson Down Broadway in Perkins Square, a proposed project by Sorrent Co., rendered by Pisani & Associates, essentially replaces the buildings on the northwest corner of Dorchester Street and West Broadway, between Stats and Santander Bank. The new structure will contain underground parking, three retail units on the ground floor, and several residences on the [...]

8 09, 2016

South Boston Development Update

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by Rick Winterson This article will attempt to summarize the frenetic pace of development in South Boston. It keys in on seven major individual developments, including those areas of South Boston being most intensively developed. South Boston Online encourages you to keep yourself up to date about what’s going on, via the Internet, public meetings, business articles, whatever – it is your hometown. Obviously, our Waterfront is the epicenter of major developments on the peninsula we all call South Boston. We have recently reported on the Grand Opening of Joe Fallon’s 100 Northern Avenue building (Online’s June 16 issue), the work-in-progress at the Eversource substation powering the Waterfront (August 11), and the General Electric Headquarters relocation (August 4). Were you aware that South Boston, with [...]

1 09, 2016

A “Time” for Steve

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By Rick Winterson Next Thursday, September 8, is State Primary Election Day – just one week away. As always, South Boston Online strongly encourages you to vote. It takes just a small amount of your time, and in our opinion, it’s not only your duty to vote, it’s actually your privilege. Please consider voting for South Boston’s own Stephen Lynch as your Representative in Congress. Steve has built up a very impressive record as a fair, hard-working, conscientious Congressman. On Tuesday, August 29, another Steve - Steve Murphy - visited South Boston. He’s a candidate for Register of Deeds, a civic function of great importance. Steve was hosted by Rep. Nick Collins, City Councilor Bill Linehan, and Councilor-at-Large Michael Flaherty in Bill “Touchie” McDonough’s Shamrock Pub [...]

25 08, 2016

South Boston Catholic Academy Summer News

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Highlights from the Early Childhood Summer Camp Program at South Boston Catholic Academy   It has been another wonderful summer at South Boston Catholic Academy!  The children in the Early Childhood Summer Program had a lot of fun while learning and exploring new things.  The camp ran for 7 weeks changing themes biweekly. The themes that were featured were: Sea Life, Community Helpers, Puppets and Fairy Tales and Cooking and Baking. The camp was so successful because of the large amount of support we received from our local business owners and resources.   A big thank you goes out to everyone who helped make it so special for our children! To highlight a few: Deborah Putnam, our Art Teacher, the New England Aquarium, Jill from [...]

25 08, 2016

Unity Day, 2016

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by Rick Winterson     Unity Day has become another South Boston tradition, especially within the West Broadway Housing Development.  The 2016 event last Saturday, August 20, was no exception.  This is a celebration that is sponsored by the West Broadway Task Force, a highly active civic group presided over by our community’s own Betty Flaherty. There were activities galore for all ages and tastes.  The DJ played rhythmic dance music; a huge outdoor grille/kitchen served summer food.  Of course, there were many things to keep the kids busy and happy.  Mayor Marty Walsh put in appearance around noontime.  And there were numerous officials and local organizations who exhibited their services and activities. We only have room to mention a few:  a booth set up [...]

18 08, 2016

Cruiseport Boston in Honor of Former Mayor Ray Flynn

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Governor Charlie Baker today signed legislation naming the Massachusetts Port Authority’s Cruiseport Boston in honor of Raymond L. Flynn, former Mayor of Boston and United States Ambassador to the Vatican.   “Mayor Flynn has answered the call to represent both the people of Boston and the United States throughout his career and private life,” said Governor Charlie Baker. “He is the epitome of what a public servant should be, always a consummate professional, and a dedicated family man. It gives me great pride to sign legislation that will ensure Mayor Flynn’s legacy is honored in his native South Boston forever.”   “The Port of Boston first welcomed millions of our immigrant families to America,” said Ray Flynn, former Mayor of Boston and United States Ambassador [...]

4 08, 2016

General Electric (GE) Headquarters Project Begins

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You have no doubt heard about the General Electric (GE) Company’s plans to relocate its Corporate Head­quarters from Connecticut to South Boston’s Fort Point District. Specifi­cally, GE’s new Headquarters will be sited on the South Boston side of the Fort Point Channel, and will utilize two existing, renovated brick ware­houses at 5-6 Necco Way (Yes, that’s “NECCO”, as in those ever-popular NECCO Wafers produced by the New England Confectionary Co.). GE will lease a block of land from Procter and Gamble’s wholly-owned Gillette subsidiary, which is also located along the Fort Point Chan­nel. Renovations of the existing brick warehouses will begin as soon as pos­sible; ground will be broken for the main Headquarters Building early in 2017, pending granting of all the necessary permits. Completion [...]

4 08, 2016

Southie Trees

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  The past few weeks have been scorchahs! Workers at Southie Trees, an environmental initiative of South Boston Neighborhood Development Corporation, are trying hard to keep the trees and flowers on East and West Broadway happy and healthy through this dry spell. They have been spending their summer planting, watering, weeding and cleaning up the street trees and flowerbeds along the sidewalks. While the flowers planted have stayed healthy in the majority of beds, there are certain things the community could do to aid in our efforts. For example: while your little dog may be having a blast and catching some good rays, please remember to pick up after their ‘messes’ and keep it out of the flower beds. We also ask that you keep [...]

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