Perhaps you noticed that a new American flag has been flying at half-mast in Andrew Square these past ten days.  This is a flag brought home from Washington, D.C., by Congressman Stephen Lynch, after he first had it flown over the nation’s Capitol Building.  The flag was raised in Andrew Square and then lowered slowly to half-mast in memory of John Mullen, a true son of South Boston if there ever was one.  John died Monday, March 18.

John was a loving South Boston family man.  He was also a Marine Corps veteran.  His devotion to our community and his efforts on behalf of South Boston and its many worthy causes were legendary.  He was a co-Founder of the Andrew Square Civic Association (ASCA) and the World War II Memorial Committee.  His activities, just to name a few, included years of service at the Thomas J. Fitzgerald VFW Post No. 561, with the South Boston Irish-American Society, and in the Castle Island Association.

Even if you did not know John yourself, simply pause for a moment by the John Mullen flagpole the next time you are in Andrew Square.  Reflect upon how much difference individuals such as John have made in our community.  (thanks to ASCA’s Pattie McCormick for much of the information in this article).


The American flag, once flown over the Capitol Building, at half mast.


John Mullen’s memorial wreath, flags, and plantings in Andrew Square.