by Rick Winterson


   Earlier this week, concerned South Boston residents were joined at the World War II Memorial by news media crews, cleanup consultants, and Bob Shure, the sculptor who originally designed the Memorial.  Bob expressed his own personal grief at the oil splattering, which left such huge stains.  His regret was more for the heroes named on the Memorial than himself, because they all had paid the supreme price of their heroic military service.   Some success with the cleaning operation has already been realized.  A thick poultice, with the consistency of peanut butter, had been compounded with a powder and a solvent.  This removed most of the oil staining from the Bob Moakley stone to one side of the main Memorial, although a complete removal may require three or four applications.  At least it appears to have worked well so far.   This is some progress, which is encouraging.  We understand that the National Park Service is sending in a consultant on restorations.  However, it will be a long job, extending into the summer.  Perhaps it will be necessary to erect a tent-like shelter over the Memorial, so that cleanup and restoration can proceed continuously, and as fast as possible.


Bob Shure, the Memorial’s sculptor, at the cleaned-up Bob Moakley stone.


Cleanup crews and newscasters at the WWII Memorial on Monday.