They are happy, polite, young girls who are having a blast this summer spending quality time at the Joseph M. Tierney Learning Center (TLC), which is located on Mercer Street in South Boston, adjacent to the Old Colony Housing Development. They enjoy going to arts and crafts, the computer room, playing across the street in Moakley Park or swimming at Carson Beach. They love being engaged in a variety of activities on a daily basis and like the Tierney staff because they’re nice, caring, and thoughtful. The four girls featured are Olivia Bennett, Jada Burgess, Zada Wallace, and Lanney Tavares.

Olivia Bennett, 9, is the daughter of Christine and Christopher Bennett. She has a brother named Jaiden and a family Pit Bull named Brady. Olivia will be a fourth-grader in September at the Edward Brook Charter School in Roslindale. This Education Trust “…promotes high academic achievement for all students at all levels…” and hopes to “close the gaps in opportunity and achievement that consign far too many young people…”

Olivia’s favorite subject is math and someday she hopes on being a baker. Her favorite color is baby blue and she loves cornbread. Her two favorite professional athletes are star quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots and star hoop guard Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors. And, she’s in Heaven when she hears Justin Bieber sing.

In her leisure time, Olivia enjoys drawing, watching TV, and playing on her computer and IPhone. In the sport’s arena, she loves playing girl football with her friends at school. If she was the President of the United States, she said that she’d try to stop the violence in the world and wipe out racism.

Jada Burgess, 10, is the daughter of Bernard “Bee” and Jaimi Burgess. She has two sisters, Dana and Gionny, two brothers, Giovanni and Javon, as well as a Pit Bull named Luna. Jada will be entering the fifth grade in September at the Joseph Tynan Elementary School which is located on East Fourth Street in South Boston.

Jada’s favorite subject is math and someday she plans on being a veterinarian so she can help animals. Her favorite color is purple and she enjoys eating pizza while drawing or watching “Criminal Law” on TV. And lastly, her favorite pro athlete is Stephen Curry.

In the world of sports, Jada likes playing basketball with her friends at Moakley Park or learning the art of tennis from her dedicated father. If she was our chief executive in Washington D.C., she said that she’d make the world a better place by helping people because so many go through life experiencing bad things.

Zada Wallace, 9, is the daughter of Kamal and Zamina Wallace. She has four brothers, Kiyann, Kamal, Kahri, and Kasani, and one sister named Londen. She will be entering the fifth grade this fall at the Tynan School.

Zada’s favorite subjects are writing, music, reading, and dance. Someday she plans on being a singer or a dancer. Her favorite colors are purple, pink, and blue. Her favorite foods are “all the foods in the world.” And, her favorite entertainer is Taylor Swift.

Zada plays soccer and kickball and watches TV “all the time.” If she was the leader of the Free World, she said she’d make peace throughout the world so everyone could be happy and enjoy life.

Lanney Tavares, 10, is the daughter of Paula and Clacey Tavares. She has a brother named Davin, two goldfish named Princess and Loco, and a bird named Lucky. She will be entering the fifth grade this fall at the Michael J. Perkins Elementary School which is located within the Old Colony Housing Development.

Lanney’s favorite subjects are gym and art and someday she hopes to be a pediatrician and help kids get better. Her favorite colors are baby blue and purple and she loves eating mac and cheese. She enjoys coloring, tie-dyeing shirts, and playing with her cousin Kyla. If she was the President of this great country, she said that she’d help homeless people find jobs and homes to live in.