They enjoy being part of the South Boston Boys and Girls Club Fun in the Sun program. Two days a week they get to go on field trips to various outdoor venues, watch movies at the Club, splash around in the pool, or play pool, ping pong, and other games in the recreation room. There are plenty of activities to keep them busy and happy during the summertime. The three Club kids are Dazayvion James, Anedson Andrade and Jason Lopes.

Dazayvion James, 9, is the son of Jay and Grace James. He has an order sister named Raven, a younger brother named Zayshan, and a family dog named Chi Chi, a Chihuahua. Dazayvion will be entering the fourth grade this fall at the Condon Elementary School which is located in South Boston. The school’s mission is to “…help all students acquire the skills, knowledge and habits they need to reach proficiency and to succeed in high school, college, and a life of active citizenship in the neighborhoods of Boston and beyond.”

Dazayvion’s favorite subject is math and someday he hopes to be a police officer and help people in need. His favorite color is green and his favorite food is pizza. He loves watching Full House on TV, and his favorite professional athletes are NBA superstars Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors and Lebron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

In the world of sports, Dazayvion enjoys playing tackle football for the Boston Bengals, as well as basketball and soccer with his cousins. If he was the President of the United States, he said that he would, “Take people off the streets and find them homes to live in so they can be healthy and happy.”

Anedson Andrade, 9, is the son of Mavilde Silver and Nu Andrade. He has two brothers, Aledson and Akwameh. Anedson attends the Orchard Gardens K-8 Pilot School which is located in Roxbury. The school’s mission is to “…guarantee all students a rigorous academic experience, provided in an environment that values and celebrates strong relationships among students, staff, families, and community.”

Anedson’s favorite subjects in school are recess and math. Someday he hopes on going to medical school and become a doctor. His favorite color is blue and he enjoys eating French Fries while watching New York Giants wide receiver, Odell Beckham, play on TV in the NFL games.

Anedson is a busy kid who plays hoop and soccer with his friends near his house. If he was our chief executive living on Pennsylvania Avenue, he said that, “Everyday would be a holiday and everyone would celebrate and have a nice time.”

Jason Lopes, 10, is the son of Dunia and Adilson Lopes; and he has a brother named Javal. He’ll be a fifth-grader in the fall at the Condon Elementary School. His favorite subjects are math and gym and someday plans on being a professional football player.

Jason’s favorite color is blue and he enjoys eating shrimp, hot dogs, and beef at family cookouts. In sports, he likes playing hoop and football with his friends. If he was our President, he said that he’d, “Build more homes for people and make food and everything else cheaper so people can buy stuff.”