By Kevin Devlin

She’s a beautiful, young girl who is enjoying life and all that it has to offer. Her name is Keren Tyrell.

Keren, 13, is the daughter of Ralph and Aracelly Tyrell. She has four older brothers; Christopher, Christian, Ralph, and Sergei. She’s in the eighth grade at the John W. McCormack Middle School which is located on Mount Vernon Street in nearby Dorchester. This school is dedicated to the “academic excellence for every student” and prides itself on their quality teaching in the classrooms. The school’s team structure translates into a friendly environment to students and families alike; committed to the arts by offering courses in music, vocal music, drama, strings, and a variety of arts programs.

Keren said that she is doing well in school, her favorite subject is every subject, and someday plans on being a doctor so she can help people live a happy, carefree life. Her favorite color is red, her favorite food is various salads; and her favorite TV show is “Teen Wolf” which first aired in June of 2011. This show is about an awkward teen bitten by a werewolf and becomes one afterwards. He changes, some of a positive nature like a surge in confidence and increased physical abilities in sports, but being a lycanthrope has concomitant dangers he must also face. Keren also watches other shows on the CW network channel like “Arrow” which first aired in 2012 and “The Flash” which premiered in 2014.

In her leisure time, Keren enjoys going outside and hanging with her friends. She likes playing Manhunt and Survival. She also reads as much as she can. She’s currently reading “This Shattered World.” Written by Meagan Spooner, this science fiction adventure centers around rebellious colonists, who are exploited by greedy corporations, and whose promise of a better life on a terraformed planet is never fulfilled.

Keren is a thoughtful girl and would simply love to live on Pennsylvania Avenue as our President.

“I would start by having a swimming pool in every school,” she said. “Kids could have fun, get some exercise, and learn to swim. I would also give more money to the Boston Public Schools so they can compete against richer communities. Then maybe everything could be equal.

“I would make everything newer,” she added. “If there were dead trees, I would plant new ones. I would build modern buildings. I would build new orphanages for kids and really make it feel like home. I would clean parks and fields then build and paint new fences. Everything would be new and that would be good. This would make everyone’s lives better because we’d have a healthy environment.

“I would help the poor have better lives,” Keren further stated. “I would like everyone to choose and own awesome, new cars or bikes, and have jobs for people who need them. I would also try to lower crime and train the police better so they can protect the people who need them.”