By Kevin Devlin

He’s a reserved young boy with a pleasant smile and an inviting personality. His name is Eddie Stewart.

Eddie, 10, is the son of Susan Stewart. He has an older brother named Nicholas and an older sister named Anita. He’s in the fifth grade at the Michael J. Perkins Elementary School which is located inside the Old Colony Development. The school, the “Home of Outstanding World Learners” is preparing children with “with an unparalleled learning experience that broadens them as thinkers, problem-solvers, and change agents.” With dedicated teachers and focused students, the school’s mission is to enhance the creativity, passion, and optimism of every child, so that they can excel as learners and as global citizens.

At school, Eddie loves his teachers because they teach him a lot of “good things.” His favorite subject is math and someday hopes on being a scientist or an astronaut. His favorite foods are apples, pizza, and veggie burgers. His favorite color is red and his favorite professional athlete is Stephen Curry, the star point guard of the Golden State Warriors in the NBA. And, his favorite TV show is the “Pokemon” Anime show which first aired in 1997.

During his leisure time, Eddie enjoys watching TV, especially movies and shows on Netflix, playing on his computer, and “sleeping.” In the world of sports, he enjoys playing basketball in the Perkins Schoolyard. He likes to dribble and shoot the ball and considers hoop a tough sport to play.

“Players have to be alert,” he said. “Have to stay alert on defense and when your team has the ball. You have to be smart all the time.”

Eddie also likes playing two-man tag football with his friends on the grassy area behind the Joseph M. Tierney Learning Center.

“I like throwing the football,” he said. “And I like to run with the ball. It’s a lot of fun and I get to play with my friends.”

If Eddie was the President of the United States, he said that he would, “Help people feel safe by having the police patrol the streets and if people look suspicious the police officers should check to see if they have any weapons like guns, or knives, or something else.” Additionally, he said that he’d have longer school days for all students and less homework.