She’s a nice, young girl who is enjoying her time in the Fun in the Sun program at the South Boston Boys and Girls Club. Her name is Taylor Cathcart.

Taylor, 10, is the daughter of Chris and Shannon. She has five siblings. They are Hayley, Matthew, Kayla, Dominic, and Kiely. And she loves her two family cats, Pretty and Lily. Taylor is in the fourth grade at the Michael J Perkins Elementary School which is located within the Old Colony Development. She enjoys going to art class and someday would like to be a lawyer.

Taylor has been a Club member since she was six years old and really likes being part of the Fun in the Sun program. She enjoys going to the art room, the games room, and the education room so she can hang around with her friends. She especially going to the pool and having fun.

“I just passed my swim,” she said. “Now I can go in the deep end of the pool and have fun. It’s great.

Having fun with her friends isn’t the only reason why Taylor enjoys going to the Club.

“Staff at the Club (is) always willing to help us,” she said. “If you have any problems or any questions they listen and help out. They are nice.”

In her leisure time outside of the Club, Taylor loves watching movies at home with her family, going to her friend’s house or hanging out with her aunt. If she was the President of the United States, she said m she’d, “Do good stuff for good people and try to help everyone have a good life.”