Bobby Diggins 

    One of the key fundraisers for the South Boston Saint Patrick’s Day Parade is the ongoing campaign for “Mayor of South Boston”.   We are pleased to profile all four candidates beginning with South Boston’s Bobby Diggins.  Bobby is a high-energy, enthusiastic candidate, who has already held one fundraiser at Seapoint.  We asked Bobby why he stepped up to run for 2019 “Mayor of South Boston”.  Well, he’s a long-term resident – 30+ years – now living in the Foley Apartments on H Street at and Columbia Road.  He answered, “It’s all about memories, especially of veterans.”  He brought up the recently deceased Mickey Roache of fond memory and the memories of Gold Star Mothers.   He is dedicating his Parade-related efforts to his own family members, as well as to (as Bobby says) “South Boston, the community I love.”

We’ll pass on a quote from Bobby about the South Boston Parade tradition.  During this interview, he said, “Loyalty means the most to me personally – It’s next to Godliness.”  Well spoken.  He also suggested we repeat that the St. Patrick’s/Evacuation Day Parade is privately (and locally) funded.  Here in South Boston, we do the Parade ourselves, and just look at the results.  As a reminder, Bobby will hold his second fundraiser Friday, January 18, 7 ‘til midnight at the VFW Post 6536 on Ellery Street, which is directly in back of Andrew Square’s Red Line “T” Station.  The Post not only offers some off-street parking (please get there early), it also has a newly renovated  party area – for a modest admission, you can enjoy raffles, the Post’s cash bar, dancing to DJ Jimmy Donovan,  free pizza, and chicken-broccoli-ziti from Porto Bello.  You just can’t beat that kind of Southie “time” with a stick – see you there!  And Bobby is already at work on more fundraisers in January and February.  During our interview, he discussed several possibilities:  J.J. Foley’s on Thursday, January 24, a possible Valentine Dance, and perhaps even an unusual “time” at Whitey’s Croke Park Inn.  Details on these events to follow as we receive them.



Haley Dillon 

Haley Dillon is also one of the four candidates for “Mayor of South Boston”, which, if she wins, will give her a place of honor – right up front – in the upcoming St. Patrick’s/Evacuation Day Parade.  Haley has two reasons for supporting the 2019 Parade.  In the first place, she loves South Boston and thinks the Parade is a “great cause”.  In her own words, Haley thinks it’s like another Holiday Season.  She grew up looking forward to the Parade; she believes “it makes the community come together”.  Well said.  Second, the Parade is dedicated to veterans, and Haley has had three of them in her family.  Her great-grandfather saw action in the Navy (USS Louisiana).  Her grandfather was an NCO in the Air Force during the Korean Conflict.  Most important, her younger brother is currently in the Army.  He has been on active duty for eighteen months, and has completed airborne training.  Now he has been accepted into Special Forces training and might be considering a career in the U.S. armed forces. Except for her college years, Haley has lived in South Boston all her life, going to school at Gate of Heaven, than to Boston Collegiate Charter, and graduating from Latin Academy Exam School.  Her degree is from University of Maine (Orono), in Communications, with minors in Marketing and Management.  You might have seen her working occasionally at Cranberry Café during those times.  She is now the Assistant Manager of the Sherwin-Williams Store in Newton Center.  Haley’s future “Mayor of South Boston” plans include a “Meet and Greet” social event at Amrhein’s Thursday evening, January 24, beginning at 5:30 p.m., A “Lazy Jack” paint workshop at The Broadway on Thursday, February 7th, as well as a bowling afternoon on Sunday, February 17, at the Southie Bowlarama.  She’s arranging the details on these fundraisers at this time – exact details will follow soon.



Jimmy Donnelly

 Jimmy is from South Boston – born, brought up, and still living here – and he is a candidate in the campaign race for 2019 “Mayor of South Boston”.  Jimmy’s Mayoral campaign is already off and running.  He is going to hold his first event, a fundraising “time”,  at Amrhein’s on West Broadway Wednesday, January 16, from 6 till 8 p.m.   It’ll be a Southie “Meet and Greet” affair, with snacks, raffles and a cash bar.  Among other event possibilities, Jimmy is thinking of having a bowling night at the Bowlarama on East Broadway.  In addition, he has enlisted some expert help.  Jimmy has asked Mark McGonagle to be his Mayoral campaign manager.  Mark works in community liaison at the BPDA, and is well known in Southie.  Jimmy himself was born here.  He attended South Boston schools, from K-1 at the church on L Street, to Gate of Heaven, and then to graduating from South Boston High School.  Most recently, he has worked for the last six years as the Parking Attendant in City Hall’s Dock Square Garage.  Prior to that, he was at the Hampton Inn in Braintree.  Among his activities, Jimmy has volunteered with Special Kids and is an ardent fan of Boston Bruins hockey.   And he’s still a local resident (West Ninth Street).  South Boston Online asked Jimmy why he was running for Mayor.  He told us that he had always wanted to be the “Mayor of South Boston”, and so he jumped right in when the AWVC decided to back the race once again this year.  He emphatically states, “I love the Parade.  I want to raise as much money as I can; I would be really happy to march in the Parade this year.”



Jenn Menjin

 Meet Jennifer Menjin, a lifelong Southie resident, whom everyone knows as “Jenn”.    When we asked Jenn about her motivation to run for Mayor of South Boston, Jenn quickly answered, “I have always wanted to do it.  I just love Southie!”  One of her fondest ambitions, ever since she was a teenager, has been to bring the Mayor’s Race back.  Now, it’s a reality once again.  Jenn was born and brought up in South Boston; she earned a Master’s degree in Technical Management from Wentworth.  She still lives here and works here now, as the Service Desk Dispatcher for Boston Help Desk over at the King Terminal on Summer Street.   And in addition to her campaign for Mayor, Jenn’s quite active in the community, too.  She is working on the “Drive Slow” effort, bowls in the local Candlepin League, and plays Eight Ball in the APA Pool League.  Jenn is actively planning her entire Mayoral campaign.  She has scheduled a “night” of acoustic cover music on Thursday the 17th at the rechristened Playwright.  In addition, she has begun to plan for an “art night” during February, where her guests will draw and paint original works of art on pieces of board.  Later in February at The Shamrock, she will host live Irish music by Celtic Law.