Each of the Boston Police Department’s stations hold regular meetings with local media and representatives of the various civic associations. These are called Neighborhood Advisory Council (NAC) meetings. South Boston’s station C-6 is no exception; the most recent NAC Meeting took place on Tuesday, April 6.

The headline item was the succession of BPD Capt. Joseph Boyle to command Station C-6, replacing Capt. John Greland, who has been assigned to BPD Headquarters. Boyle is a comparatively young looking commander, who speaks in a quiet manner, but he is clearly in charge. He has 22 years on the force, much of it spent on assignments downtown and in Mattapan. He also worked for four years here in South Boston. Welcome back to South Boston, Capt. Boyle.

Among the more notable items that came up was a fire that was set at Fifth Street Playground. The suspected firebugs are known and could be in considerable trouble for arson. Rock-throwing incidents were reported on by Det. Sgt. Kenny O’Brien, along with an individual accosting people along F Street. Other topics included difficulties with traffic on A Street, and the impact of the proposed Grand Prix South Boston races over Labor Day.