Mayor Martin J. Walsh reminded Boston residents Monday to be cautious of consumer scams. There have been recent reports of people going door-to-door throughout Boston neighborhoods asking residents to show electric bills, claiming to be with the company Eversource, and sometimes pressuring residents to pay electric bills or face shut-off.

•If residents encounter the above, it’s possible that it is a scam.

•Call 911 and report any incidents to the Boston Police Department.

•A legitimate utility company typically will not go door-to-door except in the case of an emergency.

•Utilities also will not demand that residents pay with a prepaid credit card or be shut-off, or ask to meet at a store that sells such cards, or demand bank information, or use other scare tactics of this type.

•Residents are encouraged to never show a utility bill to an unknown party, or reveal private information, as this info can be used maliciously.

-City of Boston press release