The classrooms at South Boston Catholic Academy are a bit more spirited thanks to a large grant project from the school’s Spirit Committee. The Spirit Committee, pioneered and led by a group of parents, is a group of volunteers that organize community building activities for SBCA students and their families.

This year, the committee hosted the Halloween Dances, Pizza with Santa, and Family Bingo nights. Using the profits from recent events, grants were provided to the faculty to purchase out-of-the-box, innovative and engaging experiences for students that would enhance learning across the school.

Grant recipients were able to use the money to fund several projects:

  • The Early Childhood Program is bringing “Tidepools Alive” to their classroom through the New England Aquarium. Using guided imagery, a child-size costume and live animals, students will explore and interact with local tidepool animals while learning basic biology and anatomy.  Prior to the presentation, the students have engaged in deep discussions and instruction regarding tide pools. Afterwards, children will participate in interactive writing and share their knowledge of sea life.
  • The first grade recently brought in “High Touch High Tech,” which brings hands-on science materials into the classroom. Through discovery-style learning and inquiry-based dialogue, the children engaged in exciting science projects that encouraged them to explore the many wonders of science. Their teachers conducted a lesson and activities with a STEM focus geared towards engineering. In their lesson and activities, the children learned that there are six simple machines that when put together with other simple machines, make a compound machine. The highlight of the program was when the students worked in groups to construct a crane using all six simple machines.
  • Our fourth grade students purchased copies of “They Led the Way,” by Johanna Johnston in order to enrich their social studies text on women’s suffrage, expansion of New England colonies, and the abolition of slavery. Through this reading, students will also be working on research projects around 14 of the women from the text. Students will create projects such as Google Slideshows, Google Sites, iBooks, PowToons, journals and plays.
  • An additional grant funded the purchase of several “Wiggle Seats” for students. “Wiggle seats” (a cross between a ball chair and seat cushion) have shown to improve focus for students who need to move when learning. These disc-shaped air cushions are smooth on one side and bumpy on the other. It provides opportunities for subtle movement possibilities (gentle bouncing and/or rocking) without getting up from a chair. Students who use these seats report that they improve their ability to learn and complete assignments.

The teachers and students are incredibly thankful for the generosity of the Spirit Committee and the work they do for our school. Bringing us joy and education is incredibly meaningful, and we are thankful for your constant support. If you are interested in learning more about the Spirit Committee, or joining the team of volunteers, visit or contact Tricia Harnan at South Boston Catholic Academy is currently accepting applications for all classes from preschool through sixth grade. Please contact Mrs. Barbara Keohane with any questions or for a tour of the school at or call 617-268-2326 or visit for more information.

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