Recently, the South Boston Neighborhood House – aka the Ollie – started recognizing its youngsters by announcing “Student Spotlight” winners. Young members are recognized for their good behavior, being kind, caring and considerate, sharing, as well as just being good kids overall. Two youngsters are picked during the month and their pictures are hung up in one of the classrooms. Wence Otieno was one of the youngsters recognized for this achievement in February.

Wence, 6, is the son of Selesa Obudho. He has an older sister, Aunnie, and a younger brother, Nicholas. He is in the first grade at the Tynan Elementary School in South Boston. His favorite subject is reading (he loves the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series) and someday he hopes to play for the New England Patriots. He loves football.

Wence’s favorite color is blue, and like most people, he enjoys eating pizza. And, his two favorite TV programs are SpongeBob SquarePants and Super Why, an animated series and interactive website.

“Wence is a relatively new member at the Ollie,” said, Kristen DeVoy, school age program director. “When he joined last summer he was shy and reserved. But he opened up this school year. He’s a sweet, polite kid who gets along with all the other kids.”

At the Ollie, Wence enjoys coloring and playing games like Octopus with his friends.

“I like hanging out with Jack and Matthew (other members) and playing games with them,” he said. “I also like having fun with Pat Lavey (who is a junior staff person).

At home, Wence enjoys watching TV and spending time with his mother whom he dearly loves.

“I like hanging out with my mom,” he said. “I help her and make sure my brother and sister are okay.