By Richard Campbell


This Halloween brought the Red Sox back home for the full duck boat lined parade and accompanying celebrations. The Drop Kick Murphy’s led off the celebration with their standards and a few extras.  Fans lined Boylston Street starting more than two hours in advance to get a glimpse of perhaps the most celebrated team in Red Sox history. We know some kids played hooky and skipped school for this event, but perhaps such Championship parades should be declared snow days! Some of the costumes were as entertaining as the staff and players of the Red Sox, and the nation was indeed happy to bear the chilly weather to see this moment pass.  Here’s to the 2018 Boston Red Sox World Series Champions, and their fans!

DropKick Murphy warming up…

Pedro Martinez Lives it Up!


“What are you going to do after this?” “Send out selfies all week!”

Alex Cora keeps it on the Down usual!

“A lot of Kids would like to be where you are!”

“Love that Dirty Water, Boston You’re My Home!”

Devers takes this seriously!

Ready for Next Year!

“This is so AWESOME!!”

“Tell the Truth: Does this ring make me look COOL!”

“So Good! So Good! So Good!”

Even Wally Seemed a Little Over the Top

Now that’s a Selfie…

The rowdy Front Office Folks…

Mild Manner Types Hanging Out…


“I would like to thank All the Kids who dreamed about a World Series for Christmas.”