First, the disclaimer: South Boston Online does not endorse Bernie Sanders, or any other candidate for President. And we won’t in 2016. In fact, we endorse politicians very rarely, and only then if the candidate is campaigning for a local office that directly represents South Boston.

But we thought it was interesting to see the maverick, highly publicized Sanders bringing his campaign here. An exhibition, including hortatory music, called “The Art of Political Revolution” was held in support of Sanders last Friday in the Artists for Humanity EpiCenter building at A and Second Streets.

The crowd was young, sparse and seemingly not very political. They were, well, “collegiate,” to say the least. We hope and trust they all “felt the Bern.” The presence of both Donald Trump and Sanders in the 2016 presidential campaign, while horrifying a lot of American voters, has at least made a dull, dull race more entertaining. And comical.