Students in Grade 4A at South Boston Catholic Academy listened to J. K. Rowling’s detailed and graphic description of Diagon Alley.  Students then took what they heard and used it to draw what they imagined Diagon Alley would look like.

The 4B students participated in a genre study of Biography. By reading many examples of high-quality biographies and sharing features and formats, the fourth graders developed and shared their own definition of the genre. On this day, Reilly and Sebastian reviewed another group’s definition of the biography genre by placing a star next to the good ideas and writing a check mark next to the parts they included in their own definition. Through constructing their own understanding of the genre, 4B developed a deep understanding of what a biography is.

We look forward to highlighting our student learning during Catholic Schools Week, where students will present their Utopian Society projects as well as participate in our annual Science Showcase on January 31, 2018.  Our Open House will also be held on January 31, from 9-1.  For additional information about South Boston Catholic Academy, please visit their website at or call 617-268-2326.  If you cannot make our Open House, but would like a tour, please join us on “Tour Tuesdays” every Tuesday at 9AM.