This February all the grades from pre-kindergarten to sixth at South Boston Catholic Academy had a chance to honor a saint by taking part in a Saint Door Decorating Contest. Each grade chose a special saint that they wanted to honor. The top three winners were: K1B in the Early Childhood Program whose door honored St. Joseph, Grade 2A whose door honored St. Francis and Grade 5B whose door honored St. Anthony. As you can see from the photos, all the grades did a remarkable job decorating their doors in honor of a special saint.

South Boston Catholic Academy is currently accepting applications for all classes preschool through sixth grade. We have Before School and After School Programs available and have small class size; high acceptance rate to Parochial, Private and Boston Exam Schools. Please contact Mrs. Barbara Keohane with any questions or for a tour of the school at or call 617-268-2326.

IMG_0070-1B honored St. Theresa

IMG_0076-1A honor John the Baptised

IMG_0125-2A honored St. Francis - First Floor Winner

IMG_0132-2B honored St. Catherine of Siena

IMG_0140-3B honored St. Anselm

IMG_0159- 3A honored St. Sebastian

IMG_0165-Ms. Emily PreK honored St. Patrick

IMG_0175-Ms. Kristen PreK honored St. Nicholas

IMG_0195-4B honored St. Bernadette

IMG_9624-4A Honored St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

IMG_9829-K2B honored God and Jesus

IMG_9847-K2A honored Our Blessed Mother Mary

IMG_9863- Gr. 6 honored St. Brigid IMG_9872-5A honored Blessed Mother Teresa

IMG_9889-5B honored St. Anothiny -Second Floor Winner

IMG_9907-K1A honored St. Valentine

IMG_9914-K1B honored St. Joseph - the Early Childhood Winner