20 04, 2016

Saturday Night Live’s ‘Heroin AM’ skit was in poor taste

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By KEVIN DEVLIN Last Saturday, April 16, “Saturday Night Live” featured a fake drug commercial for non-drowsy “Heroin AM,” an option for people who want to use heroin and still get things done during the day. In the commercial, SNL guest host and actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus is portrayed as a school bus driver with a young boy and husband. She gets through the day pumped up on heroin. They mention in the commercial that the medicine is also available in gummy bears, along with “Cocaine PM.” Everything was a big joke. In a Facebook post, officials from the Dodge County Sheriff’s office in Wisconsin responded to the skit Sunday morning: “The lack of sensitivity for the families of those who have lost loved ones to [...]

1 02, 2016

Letter to the editor: Quitting is not an option

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As someone who worked in the mental health field for almost 41 years and as a police officer for the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health for 27.5 of those years, I see the ongoing overdose crisis as indeed a crisis. The latest in a series of pieces in the South Boston Online: You are right, it is much more than an issue, it is an epidemic or plague and it is killing too many of our folks, especially young people. I have written on this situation several times recently in my weekly commentary in the Charlestown Patriot-Bridge. We can't wish it away or say it is a problem for someone else not us. Sadly, by now this drug issue has impacted so many folks, so [...]

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