14 07, 2016

Still a Major Port

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Watching a fully-loaded PANAMAX container ship, just as it comes around the bend of the Castle Island walkway to the McCorkle Pier, is certainly impressive – like encountering Leviathan.  As the full length of the ship appears, you get a look at how truly big (!) these container craft really are. But that’s not the end of the story.  The ship shown in the photos, called a “PANAMAX”, was the widest that could pass through the Panama Canal until this year.  The project to widen the Panama Canal has been finished so container ships twice that size can now come up the East Coast.  Watch for them. Photo by Rick Winterson

14 07, 2016

A Wildflower Field Trip

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This spring, on Thursday evening, May 5, George LoCascio III gave the 36th Annual Marjorie Gibbons Lecture in the Public Room of the South Boston Branch Library.  It was a great success, as George described his search for wildflowers located within the urban perimeter of South Boston.  He had spotted and identified 75 distinct species. Now, George is dedicated to his profession, and he likes to spread the word, so he voluntarily arranged a follow-up field trip to Castle Island, where many of our local wildflowers are found.  A group of ten hardy (and hearty) searchers gathered last Saturday afternoon, July 9, to carry out their own search, guided by George.  He had a handout and his reference book with him:  “Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide”, 1977, [...]

14 07, 2016

2016 Club Cruise Sailed – and Jumped.

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The boarding of the Provincetown II began at 6:30 p.m. last Wednesday evening, July 6; it embarked for the evening promptly at 7.  The occasion:  the 2016 Annual Boys & Girls Club Cruise – a South Boston fundraising tradition.  This Cruise is named in honor of a departed Clubhouse Angel:  It’s now called the Mary Binda Memorial Harbor Cruise You might recall the temperatures in Boston last week.  They were blistering, peaking into the 90s on occasion; the weeknights, even after dark, weren’t much better.  But an easterly sea breeze made the Cruise ever so much better.  A Massport fireboat greeted the Provincetown II with 500 gallon per minute sprays.  The dancing was non-stop and enjoyable without anyone getting overheated – not that one would [...]

7 07, 2016

Laboure Succession Now in Place

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   A critical but often neglected need in all organizations is an orderly, planned succession  -   determining who replaces whom – and when.  As of last Friday, July 1, Jake Bombard now serves as the Executive Director of South Boston’s Laboure Center.  His highly regarded predecessor, Sr. Maryadele Robinson, will continue performing outreach duties at Laboure.  Best of all, this orderly succession assures that Laboure will continue to benefit from the talents of both individuals.   by Rick Winterson   It is a pleasure for South Boston Online to write about the recent change in leadership at South Boston’s Laboure Center on the southwest corner of D Street and Broadway.  Jacob (”Jake”) Bombard, himself from South Boston, assumed the position as the Laboure Center’s  Executive [...]

7 07, 2016

Police Call: East Boston Savings Bank on East Broadway

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Several police vehicles with blue lights flashing sirened their way to the East Boston Savings Bank Branch at 708 East Broadway on Tuesday morning, July 5.  South Boston Online, which is located nearby, spotted four BPD vehicles.  Two of these dispersed to drive around the neighborhood, as if they were seeking someone who was on foot.  The Bank Branch itself was closed for a while, presumably to allow the police to investigate exactly what had happened.  If it was an attempted robbery, this would be the third such incident in South Boston this year.  The other two were suspected to be drug-related incidents.

7 07, 2016

The “Open Hearts/Open Homes” 2016 Gala

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   The 2016 Gavin Foundation “Open Hearts/Open Homes” gala was an outstanding success.  The high points of the evening were the well-deserved Gavin Foundation Awards:  “Man of the Year 2016” to Congressman Stephen Lynch and “Caring Hearts 2016” to Sprinkler Fitters local 550.  Some 20 dinner parties followed the festivities at the Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel.   by Rick Winterson      Every two years, the Gavin Foundation, assisted by countless volunteers, puts on a gala fundraising party called “Open Hearts, Open Homes”.  Last Thursday evening, June 30, the biennial cycle came to pass once again.  The gala party’s festivities actually comprised two hugely enjoyable events:  the first was an elegant awards reception in one of South Boston’s many popular gathering points; the second was [...]

7 07, 2016

Mandela Fellows Come to South Boston

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     Beginning last Friday, July 1, the Mandela/Washington Fellowship for Young Africa Leaders kicked off American Independence Day Celebrations at South Boston’s Paraclete Center.  The Celebrations were held in McDevitt Hall, newly named (Friday, June 17) by The Paraclete for Southie resident Paul McDevitt. The Paraclete was one of the sites selected to work in partnership with Cambridge College, which is located just outside of Harvard Square.  The South Boston location was chosen because it is a good host site for demonstrating community service to the visiting Nelson Mandela Fellows.  Cambridge College is conducting a six-week institute for academics and leadership for 25 Mandela Fellows, who are some of Africa’s brightest young business leaders and entrepreneurs. Approximately 1,000 of these Fellows came to the [...]

7 07, 2016

Queen Mary 2 Arrives

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Apparently, all is forgiven, even though we declared our independence from England an even 240 years ago on July 4, 1776.  One of the key flagships in the British Cunard fleet, Queen Mary 2 (see photo) with her home berth in Southampton, UK, docked here at South Boston’s Black Falcon Pier, specifically so her passengers could disembark for Boston’s 2016 Fourth of July festivities.  We trust that they thoroughly enjoyed themselves – the Pops Concert and the fireworks were both excellent.

29 06, 2016

Rugby Comes to Southie

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The Rugby Rookie League is ready to start up in South Boston (tonight, June 30, at Moakley Field on the soccer pitch, 6 p.m.).  It’s for beginners, 8- to 12-year-olds, both boys and girls.  No previous rugby experience is necessary.  Learn fitness, skilled teamwork, and respect for your fellow rugby players.  These are the keys to playing rugby well.    In an interview on Monday, June 27, with Bill Good, himself a rugby veteran and now the President of MYRO (the Massachusetts Youth Rugby Organization), he spoke of how popular the sport of rugby has become – both around Boston and all over the world.  For the first time, rugby will be an official Olympic sport at the upcoming Games in Rio de Janeiro.  There’s [...]

29 06, 2016

“Dreambook” a Success

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The FPTC (Fort Point Theatre Channel) is a group of performing artists, loosely arrayed along the South Boston side of the Fort Point Channel.  Its most recent production was “DREAMBOOK:  A New Orleans Story”, by Dan Osterman (Book) and Nick Thorkelson (Songs).  “Dreambook” was directed by Jaime Carillo and produced by Marc Miller.  The venue for its six June performances was the Boston Playwrights’ Theatre on Commonwealth Avenue. “Dreambook” is a drama with music – good music.  It deals with issues of free people of color on New Orleans, free thinking and its consequences, and artists and poets like Walt Whitman, who fell in love with (and in) New Orleans on his first visit there in 1848 – 13 short years before the Civil War.  [...]

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