24 03, 2016

GE announces Fort Point property for its headquarters

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By SOUTH BOSTON ONLINE STAFF General Electric is moving to Fort Point. GE announced the new location of its headquarters in a statement Thursday. The company will move to Necco Street, near Fort Point Channel and Summer Street. “The property is under agreement to be purchased from P&G and sits at the edge of its 44 acre South Boston campus—at 5 and 6 Necco Way, representing roughly 2.5 acres,” reads the statement. GE, currently based in Connecticut, first announced in January that it had chosen Boston as the location for its new headquarters. At that time, GE said it was looking at properties in South Boston. “South Boston is a major hub for innovation and development and GE is excited to be a part of [...]

2 03, 2016

Editorial: Let South Boston keep its tradition of St. Patrick’s Day parade

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The following statement is not news to anyone: Much has changed in South Boston in recent years. Property values have skyrocketed and rents have increased. The neighborhood’s population looks much different now than it did just a few years ago. Small, local businesses are closing and being replaced. Parishes are closing and consolidating. But amidst these changes in South Boston, one thing each year remained fairly constant: The St. Patrick’s Day parade. For the entirety of most South Boston residents’ lifetimes, the parade has maintained its route, a route filled with history and tradition. The St. Patrick’s Day and Evacuation Day parade route passed by Dorchester Heights, an integral location on Evacuation Day, March 17, 1776. It looped through South Boston, ending at Andrew Square, [...]

3 02, 2016

Deadline to register to vote in presidential primary is Wednesday

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Coverage of the upcoming presidential primary has dominated local and national news for months and months – and what may sometimes feel like years. But the state’s primary is quickly approaching – and so is the deadline to register to vote in the primary. Voters who intend to participate in the Massachusetts presidential primary on Tuesday, March 1, must register to vote by Wednesday, Feb. 10. The deadline to register to vote in a presidential election is 20 days prior to the election. Registration can be done online, by mail or in person. (Applications and additional information are available at sec.state.ma.us/ele and cityofboston.gov/elections.) To change party enrollment, voters also must fill out a new voter registration form. Massachusetts has four political parties – Democratic, Republican, [...]

14 01, 2016

GE will move its headquarters to Boston

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By South Boston Online staff General Electric will soon call South Boston home. GE announced in a statement Wednesday that it will relocate its headquarters to Boston, leaving Hartford, Conn. “Boston was selected after a careful evaluation of the business ecosystem, talent, long-term costs, quality of life for employees, connections with the world and proximity to other important company assets,” the company announced in a statement on its website. The company said its new headquarters will be in the Seaport District, though an exact address has not been announced. The Boston Globe, which broke the news of GE’s move Wednesday morning, reported that the company is looking at a site on Summer Street and a site owned by the Massachusetts Port Authority, as well as [...]

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