The 50th Super Bowl is history and now it’s time to attend the first “Dog Bowl” sponsored by Team Southie, which will be held at the South Boston Bowlarama on East Broadway on Sunday, Feb. 14.

Team Southie, which entered into the Youth Entrepreneur Venture with the United Way, was awarded $1,000 to begin its venture. But the team still needs your support. Team Southie intends to purchase 100 dog leashes with words “Pawsitively Southie” printed on them. Their mission is to “raise awareness of the City of Boston Leash Law and increase safety in the community for dog owners, pets, seniors, children, and others…to enhance ‘Southie pride’ among neighbors, old and new, and to help defray costs of seniors dog care…while providing a nice, affordable, durable dog leash emblazoned with a ‘pawsitive’ message.”

Team Southie is a group of teenagers from the BCYF Tynan, Condon and Curley Recreation Centers. Team Southie members are Lily Joyce (CEO), Jacqueline Beggan, LaVahl Bennett, Charlie Crump, Matthew Fumarola, Keiony Hickman, and Jaelyn Kenneally. BCYF staffers Barbara Kelly, Billy Allen, and Katie O’Connell are advising Team Southie, along with United Way volunteer-mentor and Southie resident, Brendan Cox.

Team Southie advisors Barbara Kelly and Katie O’Connell are anxious for this endeavor to succeed and are counting on your support on Dog Bowl Day.

“This is a unique undertaking for the kids,” said Kelly. “They’re good kids who have come together and want to make a difference…and have fun doing it.”

O’Connell also feels this to be a unique opportunity for Team Southie.

“The kids will learn valuable lessons,” she stated. “They’ll learn what it takes to be successful in business by working as a team, entrepreneurship, meeting deadlines, keeping a budget, working with the community and being creative. It’s a win-win for everyone for these kids to learn these lessons they can carry with them as they journey through life.”

Team Southie plans to begin selling these leashes during the Saint Patrick’s parade but leashes can be pre-ordered when you attend Dog Bowl Day at Bowlarama. These leashes eventually will be available for purchase at local businesses.

So stop by Bowlarama this upcoming Sunday. It’s the “leash” you can do. Have some fun bowling and mingle with old friends and make some new ones. It’s for a good cause. You can rest the next day since it’s a holiday.

Hopefully Team Southie will see you there!

Team Southie’s LaVahl Bennett, Charles Crump and Keiony Hickman take a break from planning “The Dog Bowl” fundraiser.

Team Southie’s LaVahl Bennett, Charles Crump and Keiony Hickman take a break from planning “The Dog Bowl” fundraiser.