Thank you to all of the wonderful Junior Achievement volunteers from State Street Bank who recently visited South Boston Catholic Academy.

The students in K2 were fortunate to be the youngest participants of a visit from the Junior Achievement program of State Street Corporation. They learned how even young children can save their money and spend it wisely.  They were also introduced to entrepreneurship and how they can come up with some ideas to make a profit.  Through hands on activities, the concept of working for others and getting paid for their job was discussed.  Junior Achievement volunteers are to be commended for their dedication to school age students.

The first-graders enjoyed their visit with David and Diane from State Street on Junior Achievement Day. They used their map, reading and listening skills. They learned a lot about what they can do at home and for their community by working together. They especially liked the activity where they got to invent their own businesses. They wrote thank you notes to our two visitors – an example of authentic writing.

The second-graders loved having community members from State Street Bank be their teachers for the day. Maria and Jasmine introduced students to the intersection of work readiness and social studies learning objectives, including how citizens benefit from and contribute to a community’s success. Our class’s favorite activity was producing and selling our very own donuts at a donut shop. The second-grade students are ready to be active members of our South Boston community.

The third-graders had a very productive – and fun – day with Junior Achievement. They learned to recognize that a city is a place where people live, play and work. Through games, hands-on activities and good listening, they also learned that a city planner’s job is to build communities.  They are already looking forward to next year’s visit.

The fourth-graders developed business ideas, presented their concept, and played games to determine how to improve their business. It was a great opportunity to combine their background knowledge of the economy with their career goals.

South Boston Catholic Academy‘s fifth-grade means business. A Junior Achievement team from State Street Corporation brought its business-sense and experiential teaching activities to our classrooms.  The fifth-grade students explored how to turn their ideas for goods and services into successful businesses and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. The day-long event is designed to foster work-readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills. Using a variety of activities, State Street’s JA team inspired students to dream big and reach their potential.

The theme of the program in sixth-grade was Money: Money in the Bank, A Sense of Worth, Balancing Act, Building a Business and get SMART: Stop and think, Make a plan, Ask questions, Review information and Take action.

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-South Boston Catholic Academy