The ‘Mayor of Southie’ Race has returned – ready to pick up right where it left off a couple of years ago! The fun and spirited tradition of choosing 2019’s Mayor promises to live up to the past down-to-the-wire campaigns of Sue, Joyce, Dru, Kevin, Bobby and so many others who made this a great add on to our already amazing Saint Patrick’s and Evacuation Day activities, events and, the ultimate cap off, the Parade!

The race provides a fun and unique way to give adult members of the South Boston community an opportunity to participate in the parade directly and be recognized for it, while working to raise the funds necessary to hold the annual parade. The various (and competitive!)  mayoral campaigns in the neighborhood also provide a great way to get the community to join together for a common goal. It has been several years since the South Boston Allied War Veterans Council has included the ‘Mayor of Southie’ initiative as part of the parade, but for the 2019 event, the mayoral race is back!

Here are the details on the Mayor of Southie candidates:  Confirmed candidates who have already submitted their nomination paperwork: Jenn Menjin, Bobby ‘Shoes’ Diggins (works at the Convention Center), & Haley Dillon (Assistant Manager, Sherwin Williams).  Expected candidates who have not yet submitted their nomination paperwork: Jimmy Donnelly (works as the City Hall parking attendant).

Candidates can announce their candidacy now and make their preparations, but cannot fundraise until 1/1/2019. All of the rules and info regarding Mayor of Southie can be found here: The final meeting for interested candidates is Tuesday, December 18th at 7pm at the Fitzgerald Post