It’s always a pleasure to welcome a new business to South Boston.  We live in a growing, thriving neighborhood with plenty of room for opportunity.  The new enterprise we are “Making It Our BUSINESS” to report on this week is MAXIM Pharmacy.  MAXIM is located at 267 Old Colony Avenue, where it intersects with Dorchester Street (617-268-4500;

The Pharmacy Manager and owner of MAXIM is Hieu B. Vinh, R. Ph. (for Registered   Pharmacist).  He of course takes the integrity with which he fills his prescriptions as his most important responsibility.  You are in good hands with him.  Hieu also prides himself on the service he renders to his customers, which he calls “Full Service”.

Service can mean something small but important.  For example, MAXIM Pharmacy has free, off-street parking for its customers at the 267 Old Colony Avenue location.  And MAXIM is open seven days a week.  A major service that MAXIM Pharmacy offers to all of its South Boston customers is free delivery.  Any item purchased at Maxim Pharmacy’s Old Colony branch will be delivered at no charge to any South Boston resident.

This notion of “Full Service” is what brought Hieu Vinh and MAXIM Pharmacy to South Boston in the first place.  Hieu’s started the first MAXIM Pharmacy in Fields Corner in 2005, just over ten years ago.  His service-oriented approach made his venture an immediate success – in addition to being a competent pharmacist, Hieu is a good businessman.

He then asked questions and conducted interviews in South Boston.  He found out there is an urgent need in South Boston for quality service:  the kind provided by an independent pharmacy – prescription services, other health services, vaccinations/immunizations, and various home health care medical supplies (you’ll find electric wheelchairs at the front of MAXIM in South Boston).

On the personal side, Hieu is originally from Vietnam (Saigon) and became a U.S. citizen25 years ago.  He studied for his pharmacy degree in the Longwood medical area at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, which is where he met his wife Thanh Vu.  They have three children – Vincent (14), Brandon (12), and Victoria (8).

Stop in at MAXIM Pharmacy at Old Colony and Dorchester Street sometime; welcome Hieu, his family, and his new MAXIM Pharmacy to South Boston.IMG_4229