The staff at South Boston Online would like to express their condolences to Missy and Ralph Willis, the parents of Kyzr Willis, Kyzr’s brother Ralph, and their extended family and friends, for their loss.

Last week, SBOL had the pleasure of sitting down with Kyzr, his older brother Ralph, and Savannah Broxton, their cousin. Kyzr Willis loved watching professional wrestling on TV and listening to rap songs. His favorite colors were red, orange, purple, and blue, all Ninja Turtle colors. He enjoyed playing basketball, soccer, and lacrosse with his friends in his Dorchester neighborhood. He also liked to play hide-and-go-seek, his favorite game. He enjoyed life and was a happy boy. His wide smile personified his happiness.

Words cannot rightly convey one’s feelings when a tragedy of this nature occurs. Thoughts cannot rightly comprehend what feelings Kyzr’s parents are experiencing. We can only hope that God will keep them strong throughout and after this ordeal.

The Dorchester and South Boston communities are diminished by this but will provide support, sympathy, love, thereby giving strength to his family and friends. Strength to remember his smile and his love of life, and by doing so, he shall be alive in our hearts forever.