5 02, 2016

Dorchester Avenue project planning continues

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By RICK WINTERSON South Boston Online presented an update in the Jan. 14 issue on the community effort to develop a coherent plan for developing the one-mile stretch of Dorchester Avenue that lies between Andrew Square and West Broadway.This climaxed six months of planning at Boston Redevelopment Authority-sponsored meetings featuring extensive community involvement. Indeed, this involvement was the key to the whole process so far. The first planning meeting of the New Year took place in MassBay Credit Union’s conference room on Wednesday, Jan. 27. It was very well attended by more than 75 participants from the South Boston community; BRA personnel continued their important roles as facilitators. The title of this meeting was “Draft with Us, Placemaking and Mobility Workshop.” Briefly, this meeting’s discussion topics consisted [...]

13 01, 2016

City solicits input on Dorchester Avenue project

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By RICK WINTERSON During the second half of last year, the Boston Redevelopment Authority called for a series of community planning meetings. The objective was to develop a coherent plan for the west side of South Boston, stretching from north to south along Dorchester Avenue and including many areas alongside the avenue. The “shape” pictured above gives a rough picture of the area studied, which extends as far eastward as Old Colony Avenue. The BRA held six meetings at approximately monthly intervals from July through December 2015, all of them in the Local 7 Ironworkers Hall. The first one, held in July, was essentially an open house. A key step was to ask for all questions about the development of Dorchester Avenue on Post-It notes, [...]

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